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Romans In My Carpet!

2.99 usd

Now for something completely different from the developers of the Ravenmark saga. We’ve got Romans In My Carpet! - an absurd MULTIPLAYER turn-based strategy game in vivid 16-bit pixel glory!IMPORTANT NOTE: The In-App Purchase are only for COSMETIC uses. There is no pay-to-win rubbish in this game.
I BLEED PIXELS Stare at a screenful of mite-sized Roman soldiers charge into battle on spider-powered chariots. This is lush 2D life, perfected to a retro-loving science.
I LIKE STRATEGY GAMES Engage in turn-based wargaming by way of Monty Python, and feel good about cutting up your foes while catching all of our smart, smart japes.
I'M SO COMPETITIVE Think you're a strategic genius? Challenge your friends in asynchronous multiplayer! Tell them it was just a flesh wound through in-battle chat. Bring your own taunts.
I'VE GOT TWO STORIESWhile waiting in between multiplayer matches, continue honing your wits in the single-player campaign, where you do battle against the nefarious AI that lives on our server. Play as both Imperial scum or the rather nekkid tribes of Britannia!
Romans In My Carpet! We're making bedbugs as adorable as a button.
ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE: Romans In My Carpet! requires a network connection to play.
MARGINALLY IMPORTANT NOTE: Romans In My Carpet! is currently only available in English.
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